About Us

Metrology Core is a group of metrology sales and service organizations that understand the measurement challenges faced by our customers; components are getting smaller, tolerances tighter, deliveries shorter, along with demands for continual cost reductions. To meet these challenges, the legacy methods of a sales person with a “trunk full of literature” and a few cases of demonstration equipment have become wholly inadequate. Taking on today’s measurement challenges requires a sales organization that understands manufacturing processes and measurement requirements and solves those through a complete application review with a demonstration that delivers a proven solution. These solutions require careful implementation consisting of a documented installation, traceability to national and international standards, product training, and outlining an on-going support system to insure the measurement solution meets or exceeds the planned objectives. Every Metrology Core Partner is dedicated to a single guiding principle:

“Exceeding customer expectations is the highest honor we can attain.”

Our customers are assured that the Metrology Core Partner solves all of their metrology needs in a prompt and professional manner.

Our suppliers are assured that the Metrology Core Partner delivers optimal efficiency’s from regionally based sales and support technical centers, that satisfy our mutual customers, maximizes market share and reduces their cost of sales and support to the lowest possible level.

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