Mission Statement

A partnership of industry leaders who are committed to dimensional metrology and who work in concert to provide solution-based results to the supplier chain and customer base we service.

Metrology Core partners have a centralized focus to develop best practices and maintain standards that are recognized by its customers and suppliers as being the most innovative in the metrology industry.

Standards developed by the partnership are coordinated in strategic areas:

  • Marketing awareness of the latest technology available in the metrology industry
  • Educational programs co-developed and implemented for maximum effectiveness of the investments our customer base incorporates into their respective manufacturing operations
  • Services that are created and integrated to accepted ISO standards and that provide a valuable compliment to our supplier services which in turn offer our customers with the best possible regional support
  • Product enhancements that provide updated and advanced technologies.

While the maintenance of independence is respected to each partner's geographic area, the recognition of coordinated solutions is identified as a core strength and opportunity within our markets.

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